Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered
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Mona Lisa
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Everyone recognizes her smile. No one knows her story. Meet the woman who became the most famous artistic subject of all time.

Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered blends biography, history, and memoir to introduce Mona (Madame) Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo—daughter of Florence, woman of the Renaissance, wife, mother, muse, and "noble spirit." Join best-selling author Dianne Hales as she walks the squalid street where Lisa was born, meets her descendants, traces her colorful family history, explores her neighborhoods, recreates her daily rituals, and captures the tumult and pageantry of Florence during the greatest artistic outpouring the world has ever seen.

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USA Today Article
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"I'm enthralled by every page of Dianne Hales's Mona Lisa. The great pleasure of her prose brings Lisa Gherardini's world to vivid life. Anyone who loves art and Italy—and who doesn't?—will adore this book."
   —Frances Mayes

"This is cultural history that reads like a detective novel .... a fascinating portrait not just of Lisa Gherardini but also of the vibrant Renaissance world that nurtured both Lisa and Leonardo's painting."
   —Ross King

"Entertaining...Combining history, whimsical biography, personal travelogue, and love letter to Italy, this book portrays Lisa Gherardini as a Renaissance accessible, vivid examination of women's lives in Florence in the period."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Biography, history and memoir are woven together in Hales' lyrical biography of Lisa Gherardini."

"An affectionate my-search-for story for art lovers and anyone interested in glorious and gory Florence in the 15th to 16th centuries and in the divine Leonardo in particular...3.5 of 4 stars."
   —USA Today

"A detailed and fascinating book that's scholarly yet presented in a way that's easy to understand and fun to read...highly recommended."
   — Italy Travel

"A fascinating and vibrant discovery of just how much we can all relate to the iconic figure and her journey as a wife and mother"
   —"10 Must-Read Books for your Honeymoon," Brides Magazine

"Anyone who reads Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered will never see the image again the same way. They will appreciate more the woman depicted, not just the artist."
   —San Antonio Express News

"Hales tours us through Renaissance Florence, introducing a fascinating cast of characters and giving a detailed history of the portrait."
   —Sacramento Bee

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