Dianne Hales

Personal Stress Management Cari amici,

The start of a new year is always a good time to follow the example of the Roman god Janus and look both back to what was and forward to what the future may bring.

Although 2016 was a year many were happy to leave behind, it brought some high points for my life in books, including:
  • La Bella Lingua made The New York Times best-seller list—eight years after publication!

  • An audiobook of La Bella Lingua came out in the fall—again, better late than never.

  • Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered was translated into Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese and Chinese.

  • I signed a contract for a wonderful new project: a book called Passione on all the ways Italy and its passions have transformed our world.

  • In addition to the 27th (!!!) edition of Invitation to Health, I co-authored a new textbook for college students on Personal Stress Management with my daughter Julia (see cover above).
In the coming year, I look forward to returning to Italy and delving deeper into Italian passions. My initial foray will take me to Venice for Carnevale, to Milan for fashion and opera, to Piedmont to become better acquainted with "the king and queen of wines" and to Emilia Romagna, for its famous cheese, ham, pasta—and very fast cars.

My new year's wishes for you, for all of us, include some of my favorite Italian words: pace (peace), amore (love), tranquillità (serenity), speranza (hope) and, of course, passione!

Buon Anno!